Aalto stool

I found this old beautiful bedroom photo when going through my inspiration folders. I am weak for all kinds of Artek stools and it seems that there are too many colours and different kinds of wood combinations nowadays for me being even able to choose one single favourite. I appreciate these traditional stools as they give that extra natural traditional feeling to the rooms.

The stool has many lookalikes on the market. How can you distinguish the copy from the real one? I guess you can try to test it by throwing it into the wall? A funny legend says that Aalto tested the stools' durability by throwing the prototypes along the floors in the factory. And I guess he was not satisfied until they did not break.

Picture Hemnet
Story Artek



Flea market find

My latest flea market find. A ceramic vase that keeps my small pink flower alive.
Have a nice week!



I found a painting that I made four years ago. The bright colours make me a lot happier and in fact it feels a little special to have a piece of your own mixed with the rest of your interior. I think I will leave it there now, on the sideboard. The mix and contrast of original and framed posters makes it more real and interesting.
Perhaps I would need to make more paintings soon. It is fun. But time-consuming.
Enjoy the Sunday!
See more usage possibilities here and here,
for the days without flowers.



Alvar Aalto collection

It was so fun to come up with new usage purposes for the classic and iconic Aalto vase, produced by Iittala, that once set going I could not stop. This time I filled it with fruit, balcony flowers and candies. Once you start thinking outside the box there are so many possibilities to take the vase into use in your everyday life, also without flowers.
There are always funny anecdotes if you dig into the history of design items. Did you know that this vase was originally designed for a competition and named as “Eskimåkvinnans skinnbyxa” (the leather trousers of an Eskimo woman), meaning that the design is inspired by the dress of a Sami woman?
And apart from that, it is also called the Savoy vase as it was part of the furnishing in the luxurious restaurant Savoy, which opened in Helsinki in 1937.
We have many names for the things we like!


Timeless design

I got a really nice styling challenge from Iittala to find out new ways to use the classic Aalto vase. We all know that the vases look gorgeous with flowers in them, but what if we want to take them into use in our everyday life, too, when the flowers have faded and we do not have any new ones? I eagerly took this into consideration as I love these iconic, beautiful vases!

The new colour for this year is called Rain (Sade in Finnish), and the colour is just as dark deep blue as the sky a rainy day. I think this vase and size is very suitable for your pencils and small items on your desk, keeping your make-up in order in the bathroom or serving blueberries or something else for breakfast or lunch. Hope you like the ideas! More pictures with a few other vases are coming soon, so stay tuned...!

Did you know that for making one single Aalto vase, seven glass professionals, twelve working phases and thirty working hours are needed?




Weekend is here and I have visited the flower shop. Seems that I cannot get enough there, so much nice stuff that I do not know what to choose. I want it all!  This time I was about to buy boxwood but the right size for my balcony was sold out. I have to wait...So this pot and flower and some other flowers and branches, too, followed me home. And the more I went out on the balcony, the more I started to picture one flower pot  here and one there and one boxwood here and one tree there, vegetables and herbs and yes, finally a complete garden in there...! Green everywhere! Oh... I have to get some sleep and calm down. I do not know where this interest in flowers and garden has come. It is new!
Have a nice weekend all!


Hello June

Today's Pinterest inspiration.
Welcome summer!
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