A grey Sunday

 After numerous hot summer days it is nice with some grey weather to sort out thoughts and eliminate dust and laundry at home. A calm Sunday is what I like most.
Do you see my new grey cushion?
It is so comfortable and nice and made of linen and wool.
I live after the device that you can never get too many cushions!
It is so easy to change the look of a room or corner just by changing cushions from time to time,
or to move them around in different places.
Thank you so much by Lassen for the nice gift!
During the week I also bought two other favourites. A small vase from the local flower shop and also a poster designed by Maija Louekari. The poster is a collaboration between Marimekko and the Kiasma museum of contemporary art. Waiting for their webshop to open!
Have a nice Sunday evening!
Words in the mood board via Pinterest

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