Blinded by the light

Sooo happy for the sunlight and that my holiday starts tomorrow!
My head is full of ideas and inspiration...
Good night!
Here comes a late mood board...


On the menu

I wish I could order some inspiration and creativity from that menu!*
Because today I am just so tired...
A quick mood board with my new shoes as well as some colour + black and white inspiration.
I am thinking so much nowadays of what to start illustrating and how, but I never get it done.
Always something else on my mind. Hopefully soon!
Should I make more detailed illustrations or simply graphic ones?
The last picture illustrates that my spring holiday begins soon.
I saved my winter holiday for spring as it is much more fun to be outside then.
One week to go!
Good night fellows!
* something seems to have gone wrong with the menu writer's spelling...
we pretend we do not see it...


All in the details

I have a new favourite blog.
Gunn Kristin takes the most amazing pictures!
Check out her blog and photographs here.
Tones of blue in fresh Scandinavian style!

Blue porcelain


Today I am inspired by old tableware. When I first saw blue porcellain on the House of Philia blog in January I put my head on the side and thought... No, I do not like this. But how come? You see it for a while in the blogosphere and suddenly you find yourself looking for blue porcellain on the flea market. I would not buy any new pieces as I think this is at least for me a temporary fad, but a cake plate or something from the flea market would surely follow me home. This time I did not find the correct pattern, though, only other things in blue porcelain, that is, a plate from the Norwegian ceramist Kari Nyquist (see below) and... note to myself. Do not think too long. Of course someone else found the hiding-place under the other ugly plates and it was gone. Only afterwards I realized that this plate was made by a real known Norwegian ceramist.

If you like newer patterns, the plates for Arabia's 140th anniversary are a good choice, too. I only now realized that the "sun plate" that I also admired here, is now sold out. What a shame...

What are your opinions of old tableware? Do you also come to think of old memories, like grandma's plates with pattern? Blue, green and brown plates? I just picture them in a lilac arbour on a sunny summer day. I have to find a cake plate!

Now it is Sunday and I will be busy doing nothing. (Listen here. And...I thought that this song was much more modern than the other one that won). Which one do you like?

Have a nice Sunday!
What are your plans for the day?
Arabia 140th anniversary and Kari Nyquist plate