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As a change I just had to publish this magazine cutting. I run into it yesterday and often it is not the best and perfectly styled pictures that inspire me most, but the ones picked from real homes as they are mostly so genuine and reflect a personal style. I wish I had the real photos, but I hope you see something interesting anyway. This is the home of Marianne Kruse, founder and owner of the webshop Henny and My.
I myself like the variety of pictures on the shelf in good company with the black Gubi lamp. The Tom Dixon Etch lamps over the dining table and in the sofa corner have also found their perfect places. These Gubi and Dixon lamps have never really crossed my mind, but here they somehow look so right that they for the very first time speak to my heart and I see their design in a new light. Cool. I often have to see something many times before I suddenly get it.
The A and Tivoli poster, black and white cushion and the hooks on the wall also look nice. I could think of having dark or light wooden hooks for my handbags, too.
Pictures  | Henny and My blog
 Originally published in Elle Denmark

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