Danish treasure

Oh! It has been a while since a home inspired me this much. I think it is unique.
Absolutely my taste. So much small details to look at.
I like when it is like this. When you come home to someone and it takes time to
look around and be amazed about all small things.
What I like most?
First of all the lovely Danish teak chairs in the perfect brown nuance.
The mixed collection around the table with brown and black chairs of different shape.
The black Tom Dixon lamps.
The shelves with all kinds of small birds and colourful spines.
The cosy collection of vases. Danish, of course.
The great variety of wall art.
And do you see the black lamp with holes in it? 
I would like to call and ask them, what in the world is this? It looks so nice!
I also like the magnetic, black, tidy noticeboard from the Oak Men
with all kinds of interesting cards.
The plant. How cool.
Even the cake is artistic with figs and pomegranates.
A perfect syled home. Real aesthetes.
Or I think it is not styled. It is done with the heart.
Here live Anders Norup, jewellery designer for Handcraftedcph, and Nina Lund.
All this I found via the lovely blog Boligcious and their recently published online magazine Boligcious Lookbook. Created by talented Malene and her staff.
Take a look here and get inspired you, too! I will be on the lookout for their next issue!
All pictures published with permission from Boligcious.
Thanks a lot!

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