The sun always shines on TV

Oh yes. It is so easy to live here and now when it is -20 °C outside. I really try to not dream ahead to the spring and world of tulips... Where there are no tights and no static electricity in your hair and everybody is happy and strolling around at an easy pace, enjoying the weather. Because now the streets are quite empty. Sigh...The year's coldest months are here. The only one that is outside now, is the weather itself. So we leave you alone weather; have fun out there. We do not need you. We can be inside instead (and look at the sun through the windows). So let's escape reality to the world of pictures...

Tulips and vases / Encouraging words/ Glitter and glamour / Menu candleholder

The more I see Menu's wall candleholder, the more I like it. But it requires its space. So you do not run into it. With your electrostatic hair.

And psst... talking about the weather. A trip to memory lane, here, where I did not care about any wall candleholders, but posters of Mr Harket. Sweet days.

Have a nice Sunday! Is it warmer at your place?


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