Modern cross-stitches

Oh, I like these. Cross-stitches go 2000. Reminds me of those embroideries by grandma. Gry Fager livens up an old tradition with these stylish pieces. So typical of the 21st century. Why would we sew when we can make the same on the computer?
See more here.

It is something about...

...Svenskt Tenn. Love the pattern in the black cushions above. Reminds me of that I have the same textile in my cupboard and need to create a pillow of it as soon as the Christmas holidays are here...

Otherwise thinking too much about wall art right now. I have such difficulties to hang something on my newly painted, fresh, white walls... All those holes if you regret or change your mind... Leaning is one idea, but that also takes some space from the sideboard.

Anyway, have a cosy Sunday!

Inspiring photos
Sofa with Svenskt Tenn cushions / QuotationCute sweaters holding hands /
Beautiful mix of framed posters / Plant with birds and striped Aalto stool - source lost



Grey Christmas

Wow. Norm Architects publish the most beautiful Christmas pictures just in time for the start of December. The pictures have been shot for the Danish magazine Bo Bedre and they are loaded with their own beautiful design. Very successful again. Last time their pictures convinced me to buy the white Milk lamp with black legs. This time I fell for the grey candelabra (but I guess I drown in candlesticks already). I have seen it before but did not notice until now how nice it really is. I also liked the small Christmas decorations. The white sun and star on the bare branches and the grey wooden tree. Just my taste.
Found via Ale Besso's beautiful blog.


Cosy Christmas

I started the morning by reading a fashion magazine and the horoscope said:
The Christmas will be nice and cosy in a homelike way. You concentrate on being together rather than on a huge amount of presents.
I left out "...a table loaded with Christmas food and drink" as it sounded so boring to be without that.
No, I do not trust horoscopes but if they are nice I do. The food and get-together emphasis sound nice. And I am sure it will be special and very enjoyable and homelike during Christmas. All things after the moving are soon in place and I can just curl up with warm socks in the sofa, eat peanuts and marmelade and burn candles.
But anyway. Wish lists need to be done. I do not have a clue right now. But here is at least one version. It might change still...Enjoy!
potholder and mat / Svenskt Tenn
bird / Architectmade
kitchen towel / Design letters
stool / Artek

Stay up late

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I have been thinking a lot lately if I should start to take and share my own photographs, too. I like photographing but there has not been any time or interest for it lately. I also have such a huge integrity and it is a massive threshold for me to share anything officially. But somehow it would be so fun to ease the principles a little...To share some details or some inspiration from my home. What would you say about that? I am at least thinking about it but not promising anything yet. Some people need a lot of time to make decisions. I guess I am one of those...

Happy Sunday and 1st Advent! The weekend has been social this far and it continues today. Exactly what I need right now. December is here and I am enjoying the thin layer of snow and "warm" weather (-1°C). This is how the winter should be. My Scandinavian blood does not stand any more minus degrees. It is crisp and refreshing like this!