Stay up late

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I have been thinking a lot lately if I should start to take and share my own photographs, too. I like photographing but there has not been any time or interest for it lately. I also have such a huge integrity and it is a massive threshold for me to share anything officially. But somehow it would be so fun to ease the principles a little...To share some details or some inspiration from my home. What would you say about that? I am at least thinking about it but not promising anything yet. Some people need a lot of time to make decisions. I guess I am one of those...

Happy Sunday and 1st Advent! The weekend has been social this far and it continues today. Exactly what I need right now. December is here and I am enjoying the thin layer of snow and "warm" weather (-1°C). This is how the winter should be. My Scandinavian blood does not stand any more minus degrees. It is crisp and refreshing like this!



  1. I love everything about this board, especially those stormy seas. I think you should definitely show your photos - I would love to see them :)