Classic charm

Hey, I have not forgotten you although it is very silent here right now. I have moved into my new home, and, oh, so much pratical details to think of and do! Looking forward to a normal life again, without selecting materials and measuring every corner and having some time to visit the clothes stores also. Phew! And yes, I am so happy and content with everything!
Some Danish furniture and detail inspiration above. From these pictures I pick the Normann Copenhagen lamp, the black Series 7 chairs and the Playtype poster. Those are now inside my home, too. And I am still dreaming of some kind of Elliptical table to match the kitchen chairs.
Those round details on the dining table (whether they are brown candles or teak apples) look interesting, too! I also used to think that I do not want to display any books as they just look messy and dusty. But I have changed my mind lately. If it is not too much I think it gives a brightly coloured background to the overall picture.
And PS. You know that you can always comment in Swedish (my mother tongue), English, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian and German. All of these ar okay and I undestand you!
Have a great Saturday. It is All Saints' Day here and I will be taking it easy and gather with my friends this evening. Take care!

Pictures from Erik Olsson and Alt for damerne 
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