Iittala interior

Oh, how interesting! Iittala brings out more than glasses, tableware and lanterns this autumn. It takes a step towards the interior business and I am so pleased and eager to see what is to come. I like the kitchen products above all and it it will be very interesting to see what they come up with when broadening their concept. First out are storage boxes and lamps. Take a look below!
The storage boxes Vakka designed by Aalto + Aalto (Klaus and Elina Aalto)
and the Lantern lamp by Harri Koskinen

According to an interview (here) Klaus reveals that his father is an architect, but that he is not the one that we know of, Alvar Aalto. So not any relationship there. (Anyway, the name might give him a little lift, don't you think...? Already established name.) The storage boxes are available in veneer and veneer + white. Nice as bedside tables or sideboards! The designers themselves say "aesthetical containers".

The Leimu lamp (made of mouth-blown glass + concrete) designed by Magnus Pettersen
the felt bag Meno by Harri Koskinen
The news was spotted at Frida's blog Trendenser + Elle Interiör + Fiskar's press centre
Image source: Fiskar's press centre

So all in all, great news by Iittala.

Happy Sunday!

The heat wave continues here (for weeks). It is incredible!


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