Finnish designed tableware

1 Iittala, Sarjaton 
2 Marimekko, In good company
3 Marimekko, Tasaraita
4 Marimekko, Pallo
5 Iittala, Mariskooli
6 Iittala, Teema

When I buy tableware it is almost always, without hardly any exceptions, Finnish design. Iittala, Arabia and Marimekko. Simply because I think there is nothing else that compares to them. I have the whole white (+ black, too) series of Teema that I think is perfect to use either as it is, or, randomly mixed with other items and colours that fit my mood that day.

The first glasses I bought many, many years ago when I left home for studying were the Kaj Franck glasses in different colours. Nowadays I think they are a bit too small, but are perfect for children and I would never ever give them away for any reason, although the colours are not exactly what I would buy today.

When I was younger Mariskooli was not very popular. I referred to it as something that grandmothers had jelly fruits in and liked. But yes, I changed my mind. It is perfect for serving cookies, candies, nuts or jam!

And not the least. I find it just a perfect idea that Finnair and Marimekko have started a cooperation. Finnish design and tableware on Finnish flights, that's just obvious and the way I think it is ought to be!

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