DIY studio

I met some really creative souls yesterday. We had a DIY studio at my friend's house and gosh... I really need to be more creative some day. There were Christmas tree balls in wool and decorations and stars out of book pages, knittings, wreaths, cards, parmesan gingerbreads, cakes and so on. You name it. A real Christmas workshop. Everyone was really harmonious and there were no stress anywhere. And for those who did not do any DIY things (me) the hostess had prepared some glass jars for us to decorate with dymo. No one could escape. So yes...next year... Then I will do the worst Christmas decoration ever... A himmeli or something. This year I will begin by buying some Christmas magazines, with ideas... But it was really fun and I got a lot of inspiration, although it only stayed at the admiring level. At least I got home with some new really nice, inspiring recipies that I will definitely try this year. And still a word about the himmelis. I somehow got really fascinated again by this old Finnish handicraft tradition. And if I want one? Then I will... definitely buy one... A big. In white.  
Himmeli Etsy

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