Avocado pasta

Kitchen inspiration by  Weekday carnival, found via Decor8
I do not know in how many places I have read now about the famous avocada pasta by Finnish blogger Hanna Gullichsen and her husband Alexander. The recipe has circulated in the Finnish blogosphere and social media so much that, according to the latest issue of interior magazine Divaani (where Hanna's and Alexander's home was featured), avocados and pecorino from time to time are completely sold out in the stores around Finland. Well, I guess this must be something really extraordinary so I think I have to test this some day soon. I get really curious. The story also tells that this was the first meal that her husband Alexander served to his future wife, and that it was so good that it almost brought Hanna to tears. The couple are the owners of two well-known restaurants in Helsinki, Finland, and this year they published their first cooking book togehter. Hanna's blog and the avocada pasta recipe can be found here. (Everything in Finnish, though. But perhaps they translate it if someone begs really kindly...)


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